Tuesday, 15 September 2015


next year I'm moving to live in Australia I have enough money to buy land or just house and no land, I've told my girls yurts might be the way to go, which there not pleased about plus the location is a long way from civilization this is ok for me and my husband but not them which is understandable, I really want to please everybody I rent a tiny house now and can't wait to get the space, but we have everything at hand here, why can't I please everybody I so want everybody happy just to harmony in the house/tent but you just can't please everybody, so I'm thinking about what's best for all and everybody but can't find the answer anywhere, so how do I'm make chooses for everything else that's best for all, when I can't even do it for my family, what is best for all! I just don't know, do we just all come to agreement with the environment/ governments when most of us aren't even on the same page! I want to do what's best for all, a year ago I asked the question should I desex my dog and of cause it's yes but my other dogs desexed had really back arthritis by 3 years old and I was convinced that it had something to do with it, but my vet asured me it didn't, now I'm reading lots have people have this problem with arthritic dog after desexing and it's now been found to be true, so did I again do what's right for all? I'm not so sure now, my olds dogs suffered so because of my choices and my dogs now could suffer, so the right thing is what, and why do I have to ask why don't I already know!

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