Thursday, 23 March 2017


I've been scenario thinking since primary school it's like an escape from my life and thoughts of basically not being good enough and so on, it like watching a movie of your own making you can add things take away and be your own director, maybe good directors and great senario thinkers, mine are usually the damsel in distress and a prince will come and save me from the evil people, which were usually people I was scared off.
So a few months ago I decided enough of these stories and I've been stopping them of cause it's a working progress but I don't have the long fairy tale ones usually a short one will pop in and I entertain it until I realize what I'm doing, I find the short ones are very repetitive and run over and over like I can't find anything to think of but this senario and they are usually what I'm going to say to somebody about something, exp last week I thought I need to take my car in to get fixed for the wheel alignment, and over and over again I visualized myself telling a mechanic the car is pulling to the near side and it just wouldn't stop over and over again I said this to a mechanic in my mind until I looked at it and picked it apart, and saw that it was my ego at play, I wanted to tell a mechanic this so he would be impressed that I new what I'm talking about using the term near side I wanted to impress him with my mechanical knowledge lol it just seem ridiculous all that just for that, for my ego to feel good no wonder I have knee problems, anyway you can't just stop them you have to investigate them and see the problem before they will stop.

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