Monday, 4 May 2015

I'm really not sure about this blogging in fact I'm going in blind not sure what I'm meant to write even but if I procastonate 1 minute longer I will go mad! Lol so here goes to blogging already I'm worried about the big orange button that says publish! What is that? Where does this publish? Gosh wasn't expecting that plus on the Desteni blogging page it seems to be attached like an artical, I wonder if this goes there?,! Anyway I've been itching to right and so I am, which makes my title seem crazy now Do I have to! Which seemed apt as I really really hate writing!
So the other day I was walking my dog and I saw police by the water front and a guy lying on the ground I thought wow they just saved that guy amazing until I got closer and saw no way was this guy alive! He was grey and his arms were in the arm in a strange position, I felt a little sick they didn't even bother to cover him up, I carried walking my dog in a hurry I noticed boats out in the water searching and I was going to walk the water front with my dog the whole time I thought I was going to come across a body! 20 mins later I was on my way back I really didn't feel like walking just wanted to go home thinking what could have happen to this guy as only 50metres away was mainland China did he try to swim over or was he killed by dept collects for not paying gambling depts on the was back he was still there still lying there now partially cover on bottom half this is right out side a very well visited temple in our village and poor sightseers looked shocked, anyway next day I headed out that way feeling anxious I walked past the area they hadn't even cleaned up after the poor guy bloody and body fluids all over the floor not nice! So this went on for the week every day feeling anxious about seeing body fluids and that I might see a dead body wash up, until I though why do I carry this moment with me all the time, before it happen I never had this feeling so why do I wish to have it now and carry it everyday! I saw it for what it was!
Well that's it, I'm very happy I wrote so much, being dyslexic I just don't write and if I do it's short as possible!
Going to press publish now wonder where it goes! :)

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