Thursday, 7 May 2015

Today I couldn't be bother to eat rushing round and thought I'd just eat at dinner time as I just couldn't be bothered to make anything by 3 o'clock I was getting grumpy and it just got worse and worse I got angrier and angrier but I just didn't care shouting off making things far worse that what they are! And it wasn't till I got dinner on the table and made everybody get there food first that I realized what I'd done! And why I was acting like an scary monster! There was a trigger to start the anger, I'd gone over to the mainland to pick three juicers for friends and myself when I got home I opened the box to only find one inside when I paid for three, and it just escelative from there and it was like that's exceptable by the time I pick my daughter up from physio who was 20 mins late coming while dinner was burning in the oven I was a psycho literally scary stuff why did I refuse to deal with it infact I felt I needed to tape into my adrenals and fire them up! Did I want to feel alive! I think I wanted to make things worse and just didn't want to stop.

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