Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I'm getting the feeling of being very supported as of late I can't put my finger on it but it's there it like whenever I get a aha moment theres something there saying way to go! With this I'm feeling quiet happy with myself and life but when those feeling come up that great big ugly feeling thoughts etc that it's all going to come to a sticky end! Usually the feeling that something will happen to my girls and the end of my process of happy ends it knocks me down fast and swift it crippling me and even if I breath and  the thought well anything could happen at any moment I feel locked in this crazy game because until the day I leave this life I will worry what might happen to them and I want to free In this gloom all I want is someone to tell me nothing awful is ever going to happen to my girls! But even in writing this I see that I'm the creater, anyway I was driving down the road and I could see that I was trapped in like a mechanism of a machine totally trapped I wasn't this person and I was a machine! Who ever is there helping and assisting me with this thank you!

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